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Consumables and 
Graphics Supplies
Large Format Inkjet Media
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Small Format Inkjet Media
Large Format Media Range

Specialist Inkjet Media


Universal Backlight Film 200mic


Clear Film


Clear Self Adhesive Film


Silver Metallic Film


Matt Self Adhesive Waterfast Vinyl  125g


Scrim Banner Vinyl  375g


Tyvek Banner  135g


Waterproof Poster Paper  135g


Traditional Watercolour  240g


Bright White Artistic Canvas  400g


Natural Artist Canvas  350g  


Polyester Canvas Textile  260g


Polyester Self Adhesive  220g


Wallpaper Smooth and Textured   


Country Cotton      


William Turner Watercolour    


Photo Rag  300g       


Coated Cotton Twill     


Polyvoile Translucent Fabric  50g   


Fireproof Banner  80g     


Standard Fine Art  310g     


Smooth Fine Art  300g     


Polyester Linen Fabric Banner  173u   


Polyester Flag Fabric     


Matt Film Pop Up Banner  360mic   


Roll Up Banner Film Matt  180 and 220mic  


Colour Separation Film  130g    


Natural Tracing  90g and 112g    


Double Matt Drafting Film  75u

Large Format Media Range


CAD Media


Plotter Paper  90g


Semi Opaque Paper  60g


Premium Coated 95g  


Premium Coated  120g


Premium Coated  160g


Standard Grade Bond  120g


Standard Grade Bond  160g     


Blue Backed Poster


Natural Tracing PPC  112g


Natural Tracing PPC  90g


Double Matt Inkjet Film


Clear Film for PPC and Mono Laser


Matt Manual Drafting Film         



More Large Format Media Range